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Saving Flora is Invited to Participate in Several Film Festivals


Recently, the family adventure film "Saving Flora" produced by Dream Factory Group has successfully completed production and entered a tense distribution phase. Surrounding the circus elephant, "Flora", "Saving Flora" is a full-length feature with an emotional and twisty plot. The film is starring Jenna Ortega, a popular young actress from Disney Channel, and David Arquette, the actor well-known for high-grossing blockbuster "Scream" series. Invited to participate in major international film festivals, "Saving Flora" not only resonated with audiences, but also was recognized by the film festival juries.


In "Saving Flora", the old and weak circus elephant "Flora" is unable to continue to perform. Dawn, the circus owner Henry’s 11-year-old daughter, loves Flora and finds her a perfect place for retirement: an elephant sanctuary 480 km away. However, because the circus has been underperforming and money is tight, Henry decides to have Flora euthanized. Henry can't bear to let Dawn witness the death of Flora and arranges for her to take the train to her aunt's house. Dawn sneaks off the train and stealthily goes back to the circus. She steals Flora in the night and walks in the direction of the reserve. Sebastian, a boy they meet on their journey, also joins Dawn in protecting Flora. Overcoming the severe weather, hunger, cold, illness, hunters’ chase and other difficulties, they finally deliver Flora safely to the reserve. Flora can finally settle in the reserve with the help of many people.


As a full-length feature film with a novel theme and many famous Hollywood actors, "Saving Flora" has been invited to participate in several international film festivals and also won some awards.

In the just-concluded Hong Kong Film International Film Festival (HKFAIFF), "Saving Flora" won the Jury's Special Mention Award for its unique story and outstanding production; and Jenna Ortega won the Best Actress (feature film) for her unanimously recognized superb acting skills. 15-year-old Jenna Ortega has appeared in Disney Channel's family comedy "Stuck in the Middle" and is known to audiences as the leading heroine. She was named one of the "Top 30 Stars Under 18" by Hollywood Reporter last week. As the star of “Saving Flora,”Ortega proved a remarkable heroine. What’s more, HKFAIFF has now been added to the World Film Fair website as one of the official partners. “Saving Flora” is submitted for screening in the film fair in the week of October 26th-31st 2018 in New York City as the best feature film of HKFAIFF 2018.


In addition, "Saving Flora" was also invited to participate in the Wolves International Independent Film Festival (WIIFF), which will be held in Lithuania on August 24th, and the Twin Cities International Film Festival (TCIFF), which will be held in Minnesota, USA on October 10th. More real-time news about "Saving Flora" will be updated by then.

Hopefully "Saving Flora" will bring a moving and beautiful movie-viewing experience to more audiences and friends from different countries and cultures around the world. We wish "Saving Flora" good luck in more film festivals around the world.

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