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Established in June 2011, Dream Factory Group (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (DFG) is headquartered in Beijing withsubsidiary offices in Los Angeles and Miami. The company focuses on financing, developing, and producing motionpictures that target a global audience.

Since its establishment, DFG has been guided by the vast experience of its executive team. Under the leadershipof its president Andrew Yang, the company has developed, produced, and released many widely acclaimed projects.Mr. Yang, who obtained his MBA from the University of Auckland, is deeply immersed in both Eastern and Westernculture; he now serves on the board of directors of Kingswood Enterprise Co., Ltd, a Shanghai Stock Exchange listpublic company (600255). In addition to serving as the CEO for a number of funds, Mr. Yang has over ten years ofexperience in business investment acquisitions, Hollywood film development and production.

DFG has two subsidiary corporations: DFG Production Corp., a company located in the heart of Hollywood that focuses on developing and producing motion pictures, and Synkronized Films, Inc. (SKD), which is based in Miami and specializes in film sales and distribution for international markets. Additionally, DFG has business partnerships with Lionsgate Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company.

By empowering award-winning creative with its management expertise, DFG strives to become a leading figure in the entertainment industry by creating high quality films for a global audience.


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